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Instructor: Frank Wu. This course meets MWF 9:05 – 9:55 a.m. in NW 219.

Class on the relationship between racism and capitalism. By the end of the class students will have a working idea of how racism and capitalism relate in the American Context. Ideally this course will be able to help students formulate a view as to “what is to be done?” The course is designed so the students can come to their own judgments about what they take the relationship between race and capitalism to be. First the class will investigate the relationship between race and racism. This will be based on philosophical, historical, sociological, and economic texts. The class will then introduce four general ways of approaching the relationship between race and capitalism: Conservatism, Liberalism, and Radicalism. For each theory we will investigate the empirical and philosophical underpinnings of each view. We will also see what the theory of social change each of the above mentioned views imply.


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