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Instructor: Gabriella Hulsey. This course meets MWF 8:00 – 8:50 a.m. in FB F009.

This course is an introduction to the moral and philosophical issues of gender in society. The first half of the course provides an overview of the concepts of sexism, oppression, privilege, gender, sex, and intersectionality (the latter will remain a theme throughout the course).

With these concepts in hand, we will go on to study additional ethical, political and philosophical issues that consideration of those concepts highlight. Topics in the second half of the course include emotional labor, objectification, epistemic injustice, consent, and gaslighting. We will also consider what it means to be a feminist, and also what it should mean to be a feminist. Readings will include Chicana feminisms, Black feminisms, African/a feminisms, as well as some classic pieces in feminist philosophy (e.g., Marilyn Frye, Iris Marion Young). All course readings will be available on Sakai or via UNC’s library.