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Instructor: Will Kanwischer. This course meets TR 3:30 – 4:45 p.m. in CW 103.

Philosophy 292 is a course designed for advanced philosophy students with an interest in ethics and philosophical outreach. The course will have two main components. First, students will deepen their knowledge of moral philosophy by engaging with important historical and contemporary work in ethics. Second, students will put this understanding to the test in their communities by aiding in the Parr Center’s NHSEBB program, which seeks to introduce the National High School Ethics Bowl competition to under-resourced schools in North Carolina. This experiential learning component of the course will provide students with the opportunity to get their hands dirty and lead philosophical discussions in non-academic settings.

Both parts of the course are meant to prompt students to reflect on the connection between moral theorizing and its application in practice. As we progress through the semester, we will ask ourselves questions like:

  • How do different communities and cultures deploy moral concepts and arguments?
  • How can moral theory be more sensitive to the concerns of real people who face real problems?
  • How should we discuss difficult ethical issues with our fellow citizens against a background of deep and pervasive disagreement?

Experience in the classroom in the field will hopefully help us think through answers to these questions together.


Permission of the instructor is required to enroll in this course. Please email Will Kanwischer at for enrollment permission.

Prerequisite: 2 PHIL courses.