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Instructor: Keshav Singh. This course meets MTWRF 1:15 p.m. – 2:45 p.m. in GL 305.

This course is an introduction to philosophical thought and methodology through an examination of some of the central questions in philosophy. We will touch on many, but not all, of the various areas of philosophy, including ethics, epistemology, metaphysics, social and political philosophy, the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of science. Some of the questions we will consider include: what are our moral obligations and where do they come from? What, if anything, can we come to know, and how do we come to know it? Do human beings have free will? How should a just society be structured?

Class meetings will proceed through a mix of lecture and discussion, and participation will be a significant component of the course. Students will complete short writing assignments directed toward both understanding the various issues discussed in the course and becoming proficient in clear, concise philosophical argumentation.