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The Department has an excellent record of placing graduating and recent Ph.D.s into jobs, reflected in our rating of #1 in the world in the recent Academic Philosophy Data & Analysis (APDA) rankings, which ranks Ph.D programs in philosophy with a special focus on job placement. Ph.D. students are supported in their job search efforts by the Department Placement Committee, which works closely with them to develop their job market materials, prepare for interviews, and successfully secure good positions.

Detailed (and — so far as we know — complete) information about our placement record and the dissertation topics of all of our graduates (going back to 1990) is available below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Director of Placement, Professor Ram Neta, via email at

Dissertations and Placement Record, 1990–PRESENT

The list below includes all graduate students who have received the Ph.D. since 1990, plus current Ph.D. students who hold faculty or postdoctoral positions at other universities. It is accurate and complete to the best of the Department’s knowledge; however, the Department cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. The status of academic positions (visiting, tenure-track, permanent, tenured, etc.) reflects a position’s current status, if the position is presently held, and in other cases reflects the position’s status when it was most recently held. Unless otherwise noted, all positions are in Philosophy Departments.

Minji Jang (2023)
Fitting Blame without Blameworthiness
Present position: Georgetown University (two-year postdoc at Ethics Lab)

Nevin Johnson (2023)
The Role of Purpose in Legal Reasoning
Present position: North Carolina State University (tenure-track)

Alexander (Z) Quanbeck (2023)
Kierkegaard and the Ethics of Belief
Present position: Princeton (two-year postdoc in the Princeton Project in Philosophy and Religion)

Simon Varey (2023)
Corpus Analysis in Philosophical Semantics

Phil Bold (2022)
Three Essays on Wittgenstein’s Philosophy of Mathematics: Reality, Determination, & Infinity

Karl Adam (2022)
Justice, Colonialism, and the State
Present position: Wofford College (two-year postdoc)

Dominik Berger (2022)
Believing as Closing Inquiry
Present position: University of North Carolina (visiting scholar)

Alex Campbell (2022)
How to be a Relaxed Realist

Pavel Nitchovski (2022)
On Intimacy
Previous position: University of North Carolina (visiting)

Sara Copic (2022)
Ordinary Claims: Success without Truth
Previous position: University of North Carolina (visiting)

Joseph Porter (2022)
Democracy and the Problem of Fundamental Security
Present position: DePauw University (two-year (with possible renewal) postdoc as Nancy Schaenen Endowed Visiting Scholar of Ethics and Assistant Director of Academic Services)

Michael Prinzing (2022)
The Experimental Philosophy of the Good Life
Present position: Yale (one-year postdoc)

Alfredo Watkins (2021)
Immanent Structuralism: A Neo-Aristotelian Account of Mathematics
Present position: Duke University (one-year (with possible renewal) Postdoctoral Fellowship with the Arete Initiative in the Kenan Institute for Ethics)

Aliosha Barranco Lopez (2021)
Hinge-Commitments as Arational-Beliefs
Present position: Bowdoin College (tenure-track)
Previous position: Bowdoin College (one-year, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship)

Chris Blake-Turner (2021)
Basing is Committing: Essays in Reasoning, Rationality, and Logic
Present position: Oklahoma State University (tenure-track)
Previous position: University of Alabama, Birmingham (permanent)

E. M. Hernandez (2021)
Perceiving Through The Racial Veil: The Inner Moral Life of Racism
Present position: University of California, Irvine (one-year (with possible renewal) UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship)

Samantha Wakil (2020)
Explications for Engineering
Present position: University of Nevada, Las Vegas (visiting)
Previous position: University of North Carolina (visiting)

Jessi Addison (2020)
Imaginary Friends: Art, Ethical Criticism, and Moral Perception

Elizabeth (Izzy) Brassfield (2020)
Conscience and Its Role in Moral Life
MD-PhD Program graduate; MD earned from the UNC School of Medicine in 2022
Present position: Stanford Health Care (internship in pediatrics 2022-2023)

Ian Cruise (2020)
The Elements of a Humean Theory of Justice
Present position: Dartmouth College (one-year postdoc (with possible renewal) with the Political Economy Project and lecturer in the Department of Philosophy)
Previous position: University of North Carolina (visiting)

Francesco Nappo (2020)
‘The Most Beautiful of all Bonds’: Analogy in Scientific Inquiry
Present position: Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy (two-year postdoc (with possible renewal) in the Department of Mathematics)
Previous position: University of North Carolina (visiting)

John Phillips (2020)
Cognitive Agency and the Possibility of Rational Evaluation

Macy Salzberger (2020)
The Meaning and Moral Significance of Domestic Violence
Present position: San Francisco State University (tenure-track)

Eric Sampson (2020)
Intellectual Courage in the Face of Intractable Normative Disagreement
Present position: Purdue University (tenure-track)
Previous positions: Rhodes College (postdoc), Georgetown University (two-year postdoc at the Georgetown Institute for the Study of Markets and Ethics)

Keshav Singh (2020)
Rational Agency and Normative Achievement
Present position: University of Alabama, Birmingham (tenure-track)
Previous position: Syracuse University (tenure-track)

Min Tang (2020)
Learning a New Language As Transformative Experience
Previous position: University of North Carolina (visiting)

Michaela Tiller (2020)
Locke’s Ideas of Power
Present Position: Saint Michaels College (two-year post doctoral fellowship)
Previous positions: Bucknell University (visiting), University of North Carolina (visiting)

Tamara Fakhoury (2019)
Quiet Resistance: the Value of Personal Defiance
Present position: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis (tenure-track)

Larisa Svirsky (2019)
Responsibility and Relationship
Present position: University of Toronto (two-year Post doctoral fellowship)
Previous position: Brandeis University (visiting lecturer, 2021-2023), The Ohio State University (postdoc at OSU College of Public Health/Center for Bioethics)

Elle (Lauren) Townsend (2019)
Feeling Wisely and Too Well: Mistaken Judgments of Emotion
Present position: MindPath Care Centers (MSW intern) (earned MSW here at UNC in May 2021)
Previous position: University of North Carolina (visiting)

Joshua Blanchard (2018)
Angsty Metaethics
Present position: Oakland University (visiting)
Previous position: University of North Carolina (visiting)

Chris Dorst (2018)
A Best Predictive System Account of Laws of Nature
Present Position: University of Florida (tenure-track)
Previous positions: Washington University, St. Louis (visiting), University of North Carolina (visiting)

Kyle Driggers (2018)
Spinoza’s Metaphysics from the Human Perspective
Present position: University of Florida (visiting)
Previous positions: University of North Carolina (visiting), Barnard College (visiting)

Amy Glaser (2018)
The Liberation of Young People
Present position: University of North Carolina (visiting)

Kiran Bhardwaj (2017)
Reason, Emotion, and Consequence: Moral Psychology and Kantian Ideals
Present position: Phillips Academy Andover (Instructor in Philosophy — permanent position)

Lindsay Brainard (2017)
The Scientific Power of Simulations: How Simulations Explain, Confirm, and Discover
Present position: University of Alabama, Birmingham (tenure-track)
Previous positions: Washington University, St. Louis (two-year McDonnell Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophy, Neuroscience, and Psychology), Calvin College (tenure-track)

James Brantner (2017)
Fictional Objects
Previous position: University of North Carolina (visiting)

Krasimira Filcheva (2017)
The Ineffable and its many manifestations: A neo-Kantian approach
Previous positions: University of North Carolina (visiting), University of Indiana, Bloomington (visiting)

Jordan MacKenzie (2017)
On Knowing Yourself and Being Worth Knowing
Present position: Virginia Tech (tenure-track)
Previous position: New York University Center for Bioethics (three-year postdoc)

Jamaal Pitt (2017)
Public Justification and Public Education: An Integral Connection
Present position: Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubai (lecturer)

Sam Reis-Dennis (2017)
On the Hook: Responsibility in Real Life
Present position: Rice University (tenure-track)
Previous positions: Johns Hopkins University, Berman Institute of Bioethics (two-year postdoc); Albany Medical College, Department of Bioethics Education and Research (tenure-track)

Zena Ryder (2017)
Spare the rod, the time-out, and every other kind of childhood punishment too: Why parents ought not to punish their children

Mike Bertrand (2016)
Metaphysical Constraints: Theory and Explanation
Present position: The Ohio State University (senior lecturer)
Previous position: Auburn University (visiting)

John Lawless (2016)
A Right to Recognition
Present position: Utica College (tenure-track)
Previous positions: University of Pittsburgh (visiting), Davidson College (visiting)

Rob Smithson (2016)
Paradise Regained: Naive Semantics and Regulative Metaphysics
Present position: University of North Carolina, Wilmington (tenured)
Previous positions: University of North Carolina (visiting), Duke University (visiting), Rollins College (visiting)

Vida Yao (2016)
Loving the Bad & Not Giving a Damn: A Defense of Psychic Disharmony
Present position: UCLA (tenured)
Previous Position: Rice University (tenure-track)

Jen Kling (2015)
The State Right of Self-Defense: A Claim in Need of Justification
Present position: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (tenure-track)
Previous position: Siena Heights University (tenure-track)

Craig Warmke (2015)
Numbers and Necessity
Present position: Northern Illinois University (tenure-track)

Finnur Dellsen (2014)
The Epistemology of Science: Acceptance, Explanation, and Realism
Present position: University of Iceland (tenured)
Previous positions: University of Iceland (visiting), University of Bifröst (visiting), University College Dublin (postdoc), Norway University of Applied Sciences, Lillehammer (tenured)

Luke Elson (2014)
Vagueness in Action 
Present position: University of Reading, UK (permanent lecturer)

Dan Layman (2014)
John Locke’s Republicanism
Present position: Davidson College (tenured)
Previous position: Brown University (postdoc)

Megan Mitchell (2014)
Color Blindness, Implicit Bias, and Institutional Racism
Present position: Stonehill College (tenured)

Kate Nolfi (2014)
Understanding Epistemic Normativity
Present position: University of Vermont (tenured)

Wesley Sauret (2014)
Internal and External Awareness
Present position: University of Bayreuth (postdoc)
Previous positions: University of North Carolina (visiting), University of Tübingen (postdoc)

Nate Sharadin (2014)
Understanding Reasons
Present position: The University of Hong Kong (tenure-track)
Previous positions: The Ohio State University (visiting), Syracuse University (three-year postdoc as Sutton Distinguished Faculty Fellow), The College of New Jersey (tenure-track)

Benjamin Bagley (2013)
Improvisational Agency
Present position: University of Virginia (visiting)
Previous positions: Vassar College (postdoc), Harvard University (visiting), North Carolina State University (visiting)

Patrick Connolly (2013)
Causation and Scientific Explanation in Locke 
Present position: Lehigh University (tenure-track)
Previous position: Iowa State University (tenure-track)

Dana Falkenberg (2013)
Practical Reason, Character, and Morality 
Previous position: University of North Carolina (visiting)

Anya Farennikova (2013)
Seeing Absence 
Present position: University of Bristol, UK (lecturer)
Previous position: Centre for Consciousness, Australian National University (postdoc)

Christian Loew (2013)
Causation and Other Asymmetries in Time
Present position: Umeå University (permanent senior lecturer)
Previous positions: University of Cologne (additional postdoc), University of Cologne (postdoc), University of Luxembourg (four-year postdoc)

Amber Ross (2013)
Inconceivable Minds
Present position: University of Florida (tenure-track)
Previous positions: University of Toronto (postdoc), Center for Cognitive Studies, Tufts University

James Sias (2013)
Emotion, Virtue, and Moral Perception: A Defense of Moral Intuitions 
Present position: Dickinson College (tenure-track) 

Yujia Song (2013)
Empathy, Understanding, and Judgment 
Present position: Salisbury University (tenure-track)
Previous positions: University of Louisville (visiting), Purdue University (visiting)

Nena Davis (2012)
The Valuing Theory of Personal Identity over Time: Philosophical Analysis and Practical Applications
Previous position: University of Tennessee (visiting)

Cathay Liu (2012)
Descartes’s Unity of Method
Previous position: Yale-National University of Singapore (tenure-track)

Matt Priselac (2012)
Locke’s Naturalized Epistemology
Present position: University of Oklahoma (tenured)
Previous position: Virginia Tech (visiting)

Elanor Taylor (2012)
The Perspectival Nature of Emergence
Present position: Johns Hopkins University (tenured)
Previous position: Iowa State University (tenure-track)

Katie Elliott (2011)
On the Nature of Objective Chance 
Present position: Brandeis (tenure-track)
Previous position: NYU (Bersoff Fellow of Philosophy), UCLA (tenured)

David Frost (2011)
On the Qua Problem Qua Qua Problem: The Metaphysics and Epistemology of Mental Causation 
Previous position: University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point (visiting)

Margo Landy (2011)
The Moral Point of View in Hume, Kant, and Mill
Present Position: San Francisco State University (university registrar)
Previous position: Holy Names University (university registrar), University of the Pacific (university registrar)

Chris Smith (2011)
Conceptual Experiences 
Present position: no longer in the profession
Previous positions: UCLA (visiting), Wake Forest University (visiting)

Jamin Asay (2011)
Truthmaking, Truth, and Realism: New Work for a Theory of Truthmakers 
Present position: Purdue University (tenured)
Previous positions: University of North Carolina (visiting); Lingnan University, Hong Kong (tenure-track), University of Hong Kong (tenured)

Felipe De Brigard (2011)
Reconstructing Memory 
Present position: Duke University (tenured)
Previous position: Harvard University (postdoc)

Adam Cureton (2011)
On the Nature, Grounds and Limits of Social Moral Rules
Present position: University of Tennessee (tenured)

Emily Kelahan (2011)
Hume’s Treatise and the Theory of Ideas
Present position: Illinois Wesleyan University (tenured)

Kristen Bell (2011)
Mercy and Criminal Justice
Present position: University of Oregon Law School (tenure-track)
Previous positions: Stanford Law School, Yale Law School (research scholar, lecturer, and Senior Liman Fellow)

Seth Bordner (2010)
Drawing the Curtain of Words: A Strict Interpretation of Berkeley’s Philosophy of Language and Its Consequences
Present position: University of Alabama (tenured)

Jason Bowers (2010)
Ontology, Priority, and Teleology: A Defense of Classical Platonism
Present position: North Carolina A&T State University (visiting)
Previous positions: University of North Carolina at Wilmington (visiting), Center for Instructional Technology, Duke University

Eric Mandelbaum (2010)
The Architecture of Belief
Present Position: CUNY/Baruch College (tenured)
Previous position: Oxford (fellowship)

Clair Morrissey (2010)
Grounding the Standing to Prosecute Atrocities
Present position: Occidental College (tenured)

Mark Phelan (2010)
Figuration of the Folk: The Nature and Use of Metaphor 
Present position: Lawrence University (tenured)
Previous position: Yale University (postdoc)

Ted Parent (2009)
Metasemantics: On the Limits of Semantic Theory
Present position: Nazarbayev University, Kazhakstan (tenure-track)
Previous position: Virginia Tech (visiting)

David Ripley (2009)
Negation in Natural Language
Present Position: Monash University (tenured)
Previous positions: Institut Jean-Nicod, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris (postdoc), University of Melbourne (postdoc), University of Connecticut (tenure-track)

Piers Turner (2009)
Progress and Expertise in Mill’s Liberal Democracy
Present position: The Ohio State University (tenured)

Megan Wallace (2009)
Composition Is Identity
Present position: University of Kentucky (tenured)
Previous position: Oberlin College (visiting)

Andrew Courtwright (2008)
Justice, health, and status: Moral theory and the new epidemiology of health disparities
Present position: University of Pennsylvania Medical Center (physician)

Elizabeth Foreman (2008)
Focusing Respect on Creatures
Present position: Missouri State University (tenure-track)
Previous position: Saint Louis University (tenure-track)

Bryce Huebner (2008)
Distributing Cognition: A Defense of Collective Mentality
Present position: Georgetown University (tenured)
Previous positions: Center for Cognitive Studies, Tufts University and Cognitive Evolution Laboratory, Harvard (simultaneous postdocs)

Hylarie Kochiras (2008)
Force, Matter, and Metaphysics in Newton’s Natural Philosophy
Previous positions: Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh (fellowship), European Institutes for Advanced Study (postdoc)

David Landy (2008)
The Synthesis of Concepts: Inferentialism and Semantic Theory in Hume, Kant, and Hegel
Present position: San Francisco State University (tenured)
Previous position: Wake Forest University (visiting)

Dylan Sabo (2008)
Where Concepts Come From
Present position: Occidental College (visiting)
Previous positions: Auburn University (visiting), Western Michigan University (visiting)

Yolonda Wilson (2008)
The Concept of Representation and the Interests of Perpetual Minorities
Present position: Howard University (tenure-track)
Previous Position: Duke University (tenure-track)

Anabella Zagura (2008)
An Account of Valuing
Present position: no longer in the profession
Previous position: Wake Forest University (visiting)

Mark Bauer (2007)
Normativity without Artifice: A New Foundation for Teleological Realism
Present position: University of Colorado Denver (visiting)
Previous positions: Michigan State University (visiting), Virginia Tech (visiting)

Justin Jeffrey (2007)
Normative Progeny
Present position: Mental Health Counselor at UMN Community-University Health Care Center (earned his MSW in May 2013 from the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota)
Previous positions: Duke University (visiting), University of Idaho (tenure-track)

Nicoletta Orlandi (2007)
Seeing and Thinking: The Flexibility of Visual Content
Present position: UC Santa Cruz (tenured)
Previous position: Rice University (tenure-track)

Sarah Scott (2007)
Invoking the Tooth Fairy Twice, or How to Identify Cases of Ad Hoc Hypothesis Acceptance
Present position: Of counsel, Venable LLP Law Practice (Baltimore)
Previous position: Of counsel, Goodell DeVries (Baltimore)

Matthew Chrisman (2006)
Ethical and Epistemic Expressions
Present position: University of Edinburgh (permanent)

Ty Raterman (2006)
Preferences, Well-being, and Value
Present position: no longer in the profession
Previous position: University of the Pacific (tenure-track)

Ingra Schellenberg (2006)
Moral Moods
Present position: University of Washington (tenure-track)
Previous position: University of Kansas (tenure-track)

Brian Thomas (2006)
The Racialized Self: Empowerment, Self-Respect, and Personal Autonomy
Present Position: Western Washington University (adjunct instructor)
Previous position: The University of British Columbia (visiting)

Vicki Behrens (2005)
What’s Wrong with False Beliefs?
Present position: University of North Carolina (Assistant Director, The Writing Center)
Previous position: University of North Carolina (Academic Advisor)

Macalester Bell (2005) 
The Importance of Contempt

Present position: Bryn Mawr College (tenured)
Previous positions: Columbia University (tenure-track), Franklin and Marshall College (tenure-track)

Tamra Frei (2005)
Implications of the Categoricity of the Hypothetical Imperative
Previous position: Michigan State University (tenure-track)

Patrick Miller (2005)
Purity of Thought: Dualism and Divinization in Greek Philosophy
Present position: Duquesne University (tenured)
Previous position: Duke University (visiting)

Susanne Sreedhar (2005)
Hobbes on the Right of Self-Defense
Present position: Boston University (tenured)
Previous position: Tulane University (tenure-track)

Yaacov Ben-Shemesh (2004)
State Neutrality and Collective Self-Government
Present position: Ono School of Law, Tel Aviv (tenure-track)

Samantha Corte (2004)
The Ethics of Religious Committment
Present position: no longer in the profession
Previous position: Auburn University (visiting)

Angela Coventry (2004)
Causation, Quasi-Realism, and David Hume
Present position: Portland State University (tenured)
Previous position: University of Arizona (visiting)

Jason Dickenson (2004)
Actions, Reasons, and Motivational Strength
Present position: no longer in the profession
Previous position: University of Pittsburgh (visiting)

Gregory Littmann (2004)
Defending the Law of Non-Contradiction: A Critique of Dialetheism
Present position: Southern Illinois University (tenure-track)
Previous position: Southern Illinois University (visiting)

Adrienne Martin (2004)
Why Instruments Aren’t Reasons
Present position: Claremont McKenna College (tenured)
Previous positions: National Institutes of Health (two-year postdoc), University of Pennsylvania (tenured)

Colleen Murphy (2004)
The Nature and Moral Importance of Political Reconciliation
Present position: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (tenured)
Previous position: Texas A&M (tenured)

Matthew Smith (2004)
Property Rights, Social Norms and The Law: A Natural Law Theory of Property 
Present position: University of Leeds (tenured)
Previous position: Yale University (tenure-track)

Lorraine Besser (2003)
Making Sense of the Sense of Duty: A Humean Theory of Moral Motivation
Present position: Middlebury College (tenured)
Previous positions: University of Waterloo (tenure-track), Stanford University (three-year appointment)

Hans Muller (2003)
Fear and Loathing in Deliberation: One Connection Between Emotion and Rationality
Present position: American University of Beirut (tenured)
Previous position: Ithaca College (visiting)

Clea Rees (2003)
The Importance of Empathy 

Present position: University of Cardiff (lecturer)
Previous positions: University of California at Berkeley, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (visiting), University of California Santa Cruz (visiting)

John Roberts (2002)
Mob Metaphysics: An Interpretation of Berkeley’s Idealism 
Present position: Florida State University (tenured)
Previous position: Notre Dame (postdoc)

Dan Ryder (2002)
Neurosemantics: A Theory
Present position: University of British Columbia (tenured)
Previous positions: University of Connecticut (tenure-track), University of Indiana (postdoc)

Roger Sansom (2002)
Development as an Adaptation: A Philosophical Contribution to the Developmental Synthesis
Present position: Texas A&M (tenured)

Christopher Taylor (2002)
Unavoidability and Commitment

Present position: no longer in the profession
Previous position: St. Andrews University (lecturer)

Shelby Weitzel (2002)
Forgiveness, Resentment, and Self-Respect 
Present position: no longer in the profession
Previous position: University of Utah (visiting)

Rebecca Whisnant (2002)
Centering Oneself: Normative Independence and the Moral Life 
Present position: University of Dayton (tenured)
Previous position: University of Southern Indiana (tenure-track)

Jeffrey Downard (2001)
The Role of Taste in Morality: From Kant to Schiller to Emerson 
Present position: Northern Arizona University (tenured)

Thomas Holden (2001)
The Antinomy of Material Composition: Galileo to Kant
Present position: University of California/Santa Barbara (tenured)
Previous position: Syracuse University (tenure-track)

Andrew Johnson (2001)
Insufficient Reason: An Interpretation and Critique of Kant’s Categorical Imperative
Present position: Missouri State (tenured)
Previous position: Southern Methodist University (visiting)

Malik McCluskey (2001)
Autonomy, Property, and Distributive Justice 
Present position: Director of Diversity, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
Previous Position: Howard University (tenure-track)

Sean McKeever (2001)
Completeness as an Ideal for Moral Theory
Present Position: Davidson College (tenured)
Previous positions: Ithaca College, University of North Carolina (visiting)

Jonathan Tresan (2001)
Moral-Cognitive Relations and Metaethics
Present position: University of Rochester (visiting)
Previous positions: University of Florida (tenure-track), University of North Carolina (visiting)

Mary MacLeod (2000)
As in Heaven: The Moral Law Within
Present position: Indiana University of Pennsylvania (tenured)
Previous positions: Howard University (tenure-track), Rice University, Colgate University, Dartmouth College

Claire Horisk (1999)
Everyday Meaning and Sunday Truth: Truth in the Theory of Meaning 
Present position: University of Missouri (tenured)
Previous position: Grinnell College (tenure-track)

Jeremy Ofseyer (1999)
Hume and the Natural Law Tradition 
Present position: practicing law
Previous position: University of California, Los Angeles (visiting)

Michael Ridge (1999)
The Shape of Practical Reasons: A Defense of Agent-Neutralism 
Present position: University of Edinburgh (permanent)
Previous position: Australian National University (three-year postdoc)

Karen Stohr (1999)
Virtue Ethics and Virtuous Agency
Present position: Georgetown University (tenured)
Previous position: Mount St. Mary’s College (tenure-track)

Peter Alward (1998)
Believed World Semantics
Present position: University of Lethbridge (tenured)
Previous position: College of Charleston (visiting)

Eric Barnes (1998)
Cooperation and Trust 
Present position: Hobart and William Smith Colleges (tenured)
Previous positions: Mount Holyoke, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, University of Illinois

Richard Dean (1998)
What We Should Treat as an End in Itself 
Present position: California State University, Los Angeles (tenured)
Previous position: American University of Beirut (tenure-track)

Rebecca Hanrahan (1998)
Evidence for Possibilities 
Present position: Whitman College (tenured)
Previous positions: East Tennessee State University (tenure-track), Mount Holyoke College (visiting)

Nicholas Hunt-Bull (1998)
Making Sense of Moral Sense: Francis Hutcheson’s Moral Theory 
Present position: Paul Smith’s College (Provost)
Previous position: Southern New Hampshire University (permanent), University of North Carolina, Greensboro (visiting)

Jane Reid (1998)
Integrity and the Emotions 
Present position: University of Illinois Office of Technology Management

Samuel Bruton (1997)
Kant’s Conception of the Moral Law: Themes in Groundwork II 
Present position: University of Southern Mississippi (tenured)
Previous position: North Carolina State University (visiting)

Bradley Cohen (1997)
The Normative Dimension of Commonsense Psychology 
Present position: University of Minnesota, Digital Media Center
Previous position: University of Evansville (tenure-track)

Seth Holtzman (1997)
A Philosophical Re-examination of Presupposition 
Present position: Catawba College (tenured)

Andrew Mills (1997)
Speakers, Hearers, and the Prospects for Linguistic Knowledge
Present position: Otterbein College (tenured)

Lori Alward (1996)
Suicide and Moral Responsibility under Conditions of Political Oppression
Present position: Tacoma Community College, Mathematics Department
Previous positions: Pace University, Guilford College, University of Puget Sound, University of Utah

Karann Durland (1996)
Primary and Secondary Qualities: Common Sense, Science, and Berkeley
Present position: Austin College (tenured)

Scott Gaylord (1996)
Hume on the Certainty and Necessity of Arithmetic 
Present position: practicing law

Benjamin Overbey (1996)
An Ethic for the Military: Establishing and Grounding a ProfessionalMilitary Ethic for the Military Forces of the United States
Present position: National Institute of Standards and Technology
Previous position: Veterans Administration, Washington DC

Eric Rubenstein (1996)
The Metaphysics of Content
Present position: Indiana University of Pennsylvania (tenured)
Previous position: Colgate University (visiting)

Valerie Tiberius (1996)
Deliberation about the Good: Justifying What We Value 
Present position: University of Minnesota (tenured)
Previous position: Franklin and Marshall University (tenure-track)

John Walker (1996)
Defending Liberal Neutrality 
Present position: University of Minnesota, Digital Media Center
Previous position: University of Minnesota at Duluth (visiting)

Michael Gill (1995) 
Human Nature and the Accessibility of Morality in Cudsworth, Hutcheson, and Hume

Present position: University of Arizona (tenured)
Previous positions: Purdue University, College of Charleston (tenure-track)

Sarah Holtman (1995)
Kant, Justice, and the Augmentation of Ideal Theory 
Present position: University of Minnesota (tenured)
Previous position: College of William and Mary (tenure-track)

Wayne Riggs (1995)
Epistemic Pluralism
Present position: University of Oklahoma (tenured)

Earl Spurgin (1995)
The Binding Force of Promises
Present position: John Carroll University (tenured)

Andrew I. Cohen (1994)
Hobbesian Political Authority and the Right of Resistance 
Present positions: Jean Beer Blumenfeld Center for Ethics, Georgia State University (Director), Georgia State University (tenured)
Previous positions: University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point (tenure-track), University of Oklahoma (tenure-track)

Paul Davies (1994)
Evolutionary Functions and Philosophy of Mind 
Present position: College of William and Mary (tenured)

Carl Ficarrotta (1994)
Contract Theory and Morality in International Relations 
Present position: Retired from the profession
Previous positions: United States Air Force Academy, University of North Carolina (visiting)

William Knorpp (1994)
Relativism and the New Psychologisms 
Present position: James Madison University (permanent)

Thomas Adajian (1993)
Imagination, Games, Pictures: A Critical Examination of Kendall Walton’s Mimesis as Make-Believe 
Present position: James Madison University (permanent)

Robert Johnson (1993)
Kant’s Theory of Moral Worth
Present position: University of Missouri (tenured)

Terry Moore (1993)
Conduct and Community 
Present position: University of Tennessee, Computer Science Department

Cynthia Stark (1993)
Securing Self-Respect 
Present position: University of Utah (tenured)

James O’Shea (1992)
Problems of Substance: Perception and Object in Hume and Kant 
Present position: University College Dublin (permanent)

John Pauley (1991)
A Common-Sense Theory of Self-Knowledge
Present position: Simpson College (tenured)

Mark Risjord (1990)
Semantics, Culture, and Rationality: Toward an Epistemology of Ethnography
Present position: Emory University (tenured)