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American Philosophical Association

The Association for Symbolic Logic

The Bertrand Russell Society

British Society for the History of Philosophy

British Society for the Philosophy of Science

The Hume Society

The Kant Society

The Philosophy of Science Association

The Wittgenstein Society

George Schlesinger Memorial

Synoptic Pages

Calls for Papers and Conference Announcements

Philosophy Research Base: Erratic Impact 

Philosophy Humor (Online Reference)

Latin and Greek for Philosophers (by James Lesher)

Past Masters*

Electronic Indexes and Databases*

JSTOR (electronic journal archive)*

POIESIS (Philosophy Online Serials)*

Oxford Bibliographies Online*

Metaethics Bibliography, J. Leman

Advanced Book Exchange (independent booksellers)

Philosophy of Mind: Annotated Bibliography, D. Chalmers

Stanford Encylopedia of Philosophy

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Canadian Journal of Philosophy

Environmental Ethics


Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews


Philosophers Imprint

Philosopher’s Web Magazine

Philosophy & Public Affairs*

Philosophical Review

Philosophy Blogs

(*these resources are available to UNC faculty and students; off-campus access requires using the proxy server)