The Major

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Students in a recent PHIL 210, with no apologies to Raphael.


Philosophy Major Core Requirements

A major in philosophy requires nine PHIL courses. No more than three of the nine may be numbered 199 and below.

The nine courses must include at least one course in three of the following four distribution areas:

History of philosophy

courses above 100 with a second digit of 1 or 2

examples include PHIL 110PHIL 210, and PHIL 220

Metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of language

courses above 100 with a second digit of 3 or 4

examples include PHIL 134/RELI 126PHIL 230, and PHIL 340

Logic and philosophy of science

courses above 100 with a second digit of 5

examples include PHIL 150, PHIL 155, and PHIL 355

Value theory

courses above 100 with a second digit of 6, 7, or 8

examples include PHIL 160PHIL 275/WGST 275, and PHIL 381

Total Hours: 27

PHIL 155 is recommended for all students who major or minor in philosophy.

Please note that First Year Seminars (all numbered below 100) and courses with a second digit of 9 (PHIL 390, PHIL 397 PHIL 691H, PHIL 692H, etc.) automatically count toward the major core as electives. However, with approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, PHIL 390 and PHIL 397 may count toward one of the four distribution areas.