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Instructor: Carla Merino-Rajme. This course meets T 1:45 – 4:15 p.m. via remote synchronous (RS) instruction.

This course focuses on current trends in the philosophy of temporal and spatial experience. We will be particularly interested on any metaphysical implications that may be drawn from reflecting on the perception of space and time. Questions addressed include: What spatial and temporal features are we conscious of? How do perception theorists account for them? Can we learn anything about the nature of space and time or about the metaphysics of the mind from reflecting on our spatial and temporal experiences?  Can we learn anything about our spatial and temporal experiences from considering the metaphysics of space and time? We will read recent literature addressing these questions.


PHIL graduate students: Please refer to our Handbook (page 6, #9) for information regarding distribution requirements.

Permission of the instructor is required to enroll in this course. PHIL grad students are exempt from this enrollment requirement.