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Worth Award

Each spring, the Philosophy Department names an outstanding philosophy major winner of the Worth Award. The Worth Award is Carolina’s oldest academic award. See the Chancellor’s Awards site for more information and specifics, including an exhaustive list of all Worth Award recipients.

Philosophy Major Worth Award Recipients

Spring 2022
Raj Dutta

Spring 2021
Anna (“Annie”) Evans

Spring 2020
Ruth Tomlin and Ryan Kramer

Spring 2019
Elizabeth Beckman

Spring 2018
Russell McIntosh

Spring 2017
Jake Z. Rohde

Spring 2016
Nathan L. Smith

Spring 2015
Olivia L. Branscum

Spring 2014
Thomas A. Pendlebury

Spring 2013
Daniel E. Ferguson

Spring 2012
Maegan M. Fairchild

Spring 2011
Diana M. Hofler

Spring 2010
Kenneth M. Silver

Spring 2009
Douglas A. Romney

The Balter Fellowships

The goal of the Fellowships is to foster a more inclusive environment in the Philosophy Department’s undergraduate programs, and to create space for a diverse range of people, perspectives, topics, and problems to receive increased attention and support within the Department. The Balter Undergraduate Diversity Fellowships in Philosophy were first awarded in Spring 2022. More information, including details about the application process, can be found on The Balter Fellowships page of our website.

Philosophy Major Balter Fellowship Recipients

Spring 2022

Boatemaa Agyeman-Mensah, Rajeev (“Raj”) R. Dutta, Ann Goulian, Cho Nikoi, Jasmine Werry

The Phi Beta Kappa Society

Each semester, Alpha of North Carolina Chapter of The Phi Beta Kappa Society initiates exceptional undergraduate students. A complete list of all Phi Beta Kappa inductees since 2001 is available online.

Philosophy Major Phi Beta Kappa Inductees

Spring 2022
Yixiao Jin, Tara Murray, Samuel S. Timmons, Noah R. Upchurch, Zhuofan Ying

Fall 2021
Christina Barta, Katherine M. Leonard, Lucas K. Thornton, Emma M. Welter

Spring 2021
Tyler V. Kay, Maxwell C. Levinson

Fall 2020
Rajeev (“Raj”) R. Dutta, Anna (“Annie”) D. Evans, Greer G. Underwood

Spring 2020
Andreamarie Efthymiou, Kethan A. Galloway, Adila T. Islam

Fall 2019
Savannah O. Baker, Ruth J. Tomlin

Spring 2019
Sarah M. Arney, Hope C. Cary, Scott A. Diekema, Seamus M. Holland, Ryan J. Kramer

Fall 2018
Sophie G. Capshaw-Mack, Loc Ho

Spring 2018
Zaid Khatib, Kyungmin Park

Fall 2017
Alexander R. Bennett, Russell A. Mcintosh, Gabrielle B. Nair, Vishnu Ramachandran, Sarah K. Yaghoubi

Spring 2017
David Cortese DeGenova, Lewis M. Malone, Brian C. Shields

Spring 2016
Zack A. Powers

Fall 2015
Matthew J. Kauffman, Mitchell G. Young 

Spring 2015
Arthur Barefoot, Daniel J. Irvin, Jake Rohde, Ellery N. Beard, Nathan L. Smith, Sarah G. Thompson, Miles J. Owens

Fall 2014
Justin H. Price, John W. Denton, Acacia G. Cosentino

Spring 2014
Olivia L. Branscum, Jesse V. Holloway, Rachel E. Kratz, Joshua S. Mooneyhan, Arjun J. Padalia, Paul W. Parker, Michael Sokoletsky

Phi Sigma Tau Honor Society

In 2019, the Philosophy Department recognized its final group of Phi Sigma Tau inductees. Each year, the international philosophy honors society, Phi Sigma Tau, initiates stellar undergraduate students.

Philosophy Major Phi Sigma Tau Honor Society Inductees

Alexandra Corbett, Ayush Dagar, Andrew Draper, Mariah Evans, Robert Hare, Mark Muse, Sina Shahnizadeh, Greer Underwood, and Megan Yerger

Alex Martin and Matthew Winget

Sarah Green, Ashton Hicks, Le Ho, Loc Ho, Grayson Holmes, Zhangsinong Liu, Nathaniel Putsis, Richard Wheeler, and Sarah Yaghoubi

Michael Johnston, Tate Overbey, Michael Sanders, Siyu Zhao, and Elizabeth Zwart


Nan Pincus, Chris Register, Nathan Smith, Cameron Weiner, and Siyu Zhao

Hunter Cameron, Kelsey Kaul, and Keith Pulling

James Dennison

Timothy Armstrong, Joshua Burrows, Emily Gotwals, Michael Guarino, Joseph Heffner, Wilson Sayre, and Saurav Sethia

Christpopher Bakke, Amos James Espeland, Maegan Fairchild, Diana Hofler, Zoe Hughes, Russell Martin, Doruk Onvural, Kevin Richardson, Joseph Strader, Leah Townsend, Katrina Tsang, and Nicholas Williams

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