PHIL 160H.001 – Honors: Virtue, Value, and Happiness: An Introduction to Moral Theory

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Instructor: Fabian Wendt. This course meets TR 3:30 – 4:45 p.m. via synchronous remote instruction.

In this introduction to ethical theory, we will discuss classical and contemporary texts on the most fundamental topics in ethics: We will cover the nature of the good life, the criteria for right action, and the relation between religion and morality. We will also address skeptical challenges to morality and the question why one should be moral at all. Prominent sources from the history of ethics will include Aristotle (virtue ethics), Hobbes (contractarianism), Kant (deontology), and Mill (utilitarianism).

Honors course enrollment and wait list procedures are located here. Please direct all registration questions to Jenn Marshburn (, Enrolled Student Services Coordinator for Honors Carolina.