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Instructor: Lauren Townsend. This course meets MWF 12:20 – 1:10 p.m. in BI 101.

In African American Political Philosophy we will investigate a range of issues that have been explored by African American philosophers including what constitutes race and racism; what to do about racism and what constitutes racial justice; and theories of/issues within Black Feminism (including respectability, Beyonce, anger, and intersectionality).

We will use the books The Color of Our Shame by Christopher Lebron and The Crunk Feminist Collection edited by Brittney Cooper, Susana Morris, and Robin Boylorn in addition to other readings posted to sakai as well as films and music for media analysis. Students should plan to practice and develop skills of philosophical engagement including critical thinking and the clear verbal and written expression of ideas and experiences.

Interested students are welcome to direct questions and requests to the instructor at