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Instructor: Alan Nelson. This course meets W 4:00 – 6:30 p.m. in CW 213.

This semester will focus on the philosophy of Leibniz. After considering some necessary background material in Descartes and Spinoza, we will do a close reading of some of Leibniz’s most central texts. The topics of identity, fundamentality, modality, perception, and rational (free) action will get special attention.

The course is conducted at the graduate level, but it is also appropriate for motivated undergraduates with some background in the history of philosophy or in metaphysics.


Please note: This course counts toward the “history of philosophy” (modern history) distribution requirement for PHIL grad students.

Enrollment is restricted to PHIL grad students, PHIL majors, and PHIL minors. Others interested in enrolling may email Alan Nelson for permission to add.