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Instructor: Adam Hollowell. This course meets M 5:15 – 7:45 p.m. in GA 308, with a recitation on Fridays.

*This section is EXCLUSIVELY for first-year Robertson Scholars, and is NOT managed by Honors Carolina. The lecture co-convenes at Duke.

This course explores practical moral philosophy as an essential resource for better understanding an unjust world, the choices we make within it, and collective possibilities for a more just future. The course examines philosophical approaches to ethics (deontology, utilitarianism, virtue, etc.), which students will deploy through practical application and critical reflection. The course also outlines three models for responding to injustice – working for, working with, and being with – through engagement with readings, local practitioners, and alumni. Throughout the course students will be invited and encouraged to engage in essential components of practical ethics, including moral reasoning, critical reflection, collective decision-making, and practical application. Enrolling students from Duke and UNC, this course serves as the Colloquium for the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program.


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