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Instructor: Erik Zhang. This course meets MW 3:35 – 4:50 p.m. in DE 209.

The capstone seminar is the final course in PPE sequence. In this course, you will use the readings and class discussions to (1) further your understanding of core concepts from previous PPE courses, (2) discover additional interdisciplinary tools, and (3) apply them to specific topics of philosophical, political, and economic interest. Possible topics that you will examine in this course include collective action problems, the ethics of capitalism, regulatory politics, immigration, education, healthcare reform, and democratic institutions.


This course is for graduating senior PPE minors who have (1) taken the 384 Gateway course and (2) have taken (or are taking) all other courses necessary to complete the PPE minor.

For enrollment assistance, please contact our PPE Administrators at

Prerequisite: PHIL/POLI/ECON 384.