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Instructor: Ryan Preston-Roedder. This course meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30 – 5:50 p.m. in Caldwell 105.

This interdisciplinary gateway course provides an introduction to subjects and quantitative techniques used to analyze problems in philosophy, political science, and economics. The ultimate aim of the course is to explore a number of issues at the intersection of philosophy (particularly ethics), political theory and economic theory in order both to understand how these disciplines are mutually informing and reinforcing and to make the case for why it is urgent that these disciplines be studied together.  Topics covered include the following: instrumental rationality, utility theory, game theory, theories of motivation (egoism, hedonism, and altruism), economic efficiency, social choice theory, welfarism, utilitarianism, liberalism, libertarianism, and egalitarianism.

Classes meet at UNC for the first half of the semester and at Duke for the second half.

Cross-listed with POLI 384 and ECON 384.

Department permission is required for enrollment.  Preference is given to those who have declared the PPE minor.

Ryan Preston-Roedder’s webpage