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Instructor: Samuel Dishaw. This course meets TR 3:30 – 4:45 p.m. in PE 3018.

Health has a drastic impact on the quality our lives. Which physical activities we can enjoy, how much pain we face on a daily basis, and even how long we can expect to live are all directly connected to how healthy we are.

In this course, we will consider moral and political issues concerning health and medical relations. The course has two main focal points. The first is the ethics of the doctor-patient relation. The second is the justice of health institutions more broadly. We will also pay close attention to the ways in which these two topics interact, by examining how political and economic institutions shape what medical options are available to us, as well as the health prospects of particular individuals.

Our topics will thus include central issues in medical ethics such as informed consent, physician-assisted suicide, and conscientious objection. But we will also consider topics of broader social concern, such as drug pricing, health inequalities, and mandatory health insurance.


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