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Instructor: Sarah Stroud. This course meets TR 3:30 – 4:45 p.m. in GM 038.

Deductive logic, our subject, is the study of one type or species of good argument. We will use formal tools to more precisely characterize and investigate that species, in which the conclusion of an argument follows from certain premises simply in virtue of the form of the various statements involved. We will progressively uncover and study several distinct aspects of form that are relevant to such patterns, starting with what is called truth-functional logic and moving on to quantificational logic. One concern throughout the course will be whether and how we can rigorously prove that a conclusion follows (or doesn’t follow) from a group of premises.

Assessment will be via frequent problem sets, which we will prepare for by using significant class time to work together on sample problems. The required textbook is Deductive Logic by Warren Goldfarb (Hackett Publishing).


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