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Instructor: Tamara Fakhoury. This course meets MW 6:00 – 7:15 p.m. in CW 103.

This course is an introduction to feminist philosophy and philosophical issues in gender and society. Our aim will be to understand the various forms of gender injustice prevalent in our daily lives. The course begins by introducing some essential concepts including oppression, sexism, gender, intersectionality and anti- essentialism. We will then discuss 3 paradigmatic theoretical approaches to gender injustice: liberal feminism, gynocentric feminism, and radical feminism. We will also apply these concepts and approaches to practical problems including sexual harassment, feminism and religion, popular ideals of masculinity, and pornography. Towards the end of the course, we will spend some time discussing what we ought to do about gender injustice from a moral point of view. While the ideas we will encounter in this course are interdisciplinary, we will approach them with a philosophical lens. We will learn to use the philosophical method of analysis in writing and discussion.

Please note, registration for this course is controlled by  Part-time Classroom Studies (PTCS)  until the late registration period begins. Please contact PTCS for registration questions or details.