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Instructor: Minji Jang. This course meets MTWRF 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in CW 213.

What constitutes a good and meaningful life, and how can we live it? In this course, we will read classic texts in ancient Greek philosophy (Epicurus, Stoics, Plato and Aristotle) to approach philosophy as a way of living. We will closely examine the texts to familiarize ourselves with the problems raised and different positions defended by these philosophers, and through various exercises, apply these philosophical ideas and practices to our own lives. What is it like to live a Stoic life? A pleasurable life? An examined life? A flourishing life?

No prior background in ancient philosophy (or philosophy) is assumed. You can access the e-book version of the required textbook from the UNC library website. Please contact the instructor if you have any questions or concerns.