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Instructor: Michael Vazquez. This course meets TR 3:30 – 4:45 p.m. via remote synchronous (RS) instruction.

Please note that for the spring 2021 semester, this course’s working title is “Field Work in Philosophy (Intergenerational Philosophy)”.

PHIL 292’s General Education (EE – Mentored Research) and APPLES service-learning designations remain the same.

In this experiential education course students will have the unique opportunity to teach and learn philosophy alongside older adults in the Triangle area. Students will grapple with foundational works of historical and contemporary philosophy, participate in regular discussions with our partners, learn how to communicate complex ideas to a non-specialist audience, and administer a capstone event for our community partners. The experiential dimension of the course will provide an occasion for us to reflect on the nature and aims of education, including the prospect and value of lifelong learning beyond schooling and the social and civic ends of education. By creating spaces for intergenerational dialogue, we hope to draw on the wisdom and experience of older adults in the community, and to facilitate understanding across generations.

This is an APPLES service-learning course. Both the seminar and the service will be conducted virtually. Permission of the instructor is required for enrollment. Questions can be directed to the instructor, Dr. Michael Vazquez (

The prerequisite is 2 PHIL courses.