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Identify pressing questions, problems and issues

Discover ideas, evidence and methods that inform these questions

Evaluate these ideas, evidence and methods

Act on the basis of these evaluations

The IDEAs in Action Curriculum officially launched in Fall 2022! This new curriculum is comprised of three pillars: First-year Foundations, Focus Capacities, and Reflection and Integration. Philosophy courses currently belong within the following Focus Capacity categories:

Aesthetic & Interpretive Analysis (FC-AESTH)

Engagement with the Human Past (FC-PAST)

Ethical & Civic Values (FC-VALUES)

Global Understanding & Engagement (FC-GLOBAL)

Natural Scientific Investigation (FC-NATSCI)

Power, Difference, & Inequality (FC-POWER)

Quantitative Reasoning (FC-QUANT)

Ways of Knowing (FC-KNOWING)

Empirical Investigation Lab (FC-LAB)

Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for the most up-to-date information regarding which PHIL courses fulfill which Focus Capacities.