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Instructor: Joanna Lawson. This course meets MTWRF 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in DE 201.

This course will address three major issues within feminist theory: sex/gender, sexism, and intersectionality. First, we will investigate the nature of gender and sex, asking such questions as: what is the difference between gender and sex? What are the metaphysical underpinnings of gender? Are “male” and “female” sufficient for categorizing biological sex, or are more categories needed? Next, we will explore historical and contemporary forms of sexism in Western society, including educational oppression, financial subjugation, epistemic injustice, and implicit bias. Finally, we will look at some of the ways that gendered identity and sexism intersect with racial identity and racism. Is feminism primarily for the benefit white women? What if one finds oneself at the intersection of more than one oppressed group?