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Spring 2023 Office Hours

(last updated January 17, 2023)

R” = Thursday

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If necessary, please email instructors directly for Zoom links/meeting IDs. For security reasons, they are not publicly posted.

Instructor Caldwell Office Office Hours
(all IP unless otherwise noted)
Bovens, Luc 108B T 11a–1p, W 12:15–1:15p
Burke, Abbey 204 TWR 3–4p
Chaplin, Rosalind 207E T 10–11a, W 2–4p
Chen, Yan 107D M 11:10a–12:10p, W 11:10a–1:10p
Copic, Sara 107A MW 1:15–2:45p
Dougherty, Tom 212 TR 12:15–1:45p
Fawell, Cal 206B M 3–4:30p (Zoom), R 3–4:30p
Ferguson, Zach 107C M 9:30–10:30a, T 10–11a, F 12:10–1:10p
Flanders, Ralph 107C MW 3–4p, F 10–11a
Hofweber, Thomas 214B F 11a–1p
Hollowell, Adam Remote-only W 9a–12noon (Zoom)
Hulsey, Gabriella 210B M 1-2p
Jang, Minji 206A TR 9:30–10:30a, T 1–2p
Johnson, Nevin 206A M 10–11a, W 10:30a–12:30p
Kahn, Ian 107B M 11:10a–1:10p, W 11:10a–12:10p
Kanwischer, Will 107E T 10–11:30a, W 11:15a–12:45p
Kohl, Markus 104 T 11a–1p
Kotzen, Matt 101B WR 3–4:30p
Lane, Devin 105D (tower) TR 9:15–10:45a
Lange, Marc 112A TR 1:52–3:22p
LeViness, Jackson 107B MW 9–10:30a
Matthews, Genae 105D (tower) M 10:30–11:30a (in CW 106B), W 10:30a–12:30p
Merino-Rajme, Carla 207G T 12:30–1:45p, R 4–5:15p
Mitchell, Logan 107E M 10–11a, R 2–4p
Muñoz, Daniel 203 TWR 11a–12noon
Napolitano, Giulia 202A MWF 11:15a–12:15p
Nelson, Alan 109C W 2–3p, T 3–5p (Zoom)
Neta, Ram 109B M 10a–12noon, T 10:45–11:45a
Nitchovski, Pavel 107B M 1-3p, W 2-3p
Oprea, Alexandra (POLI) Hamilton 368 T 11a-12noon (Zoom), R 11a-1p
Reeve, David Remote-only MT 3–4p (Zoom), W 1:30–2:30p (Zoom)
Roberts, John 215B M 3–4p, F 10a–12noon
Rothfus, Gerard 11 TR 9–10:30a
Sankaran, Kirun 214A TR 9:30–12:15p
Sayre-McCord, Geoff 201 T 8:30–9:30a & 11a–12noon,
R 8:30–9:30a
Schultz, Conner 210A T 11a–1p, R 11a–12noon
Schwarz, Lucia 10 T 2–4p, R 2–3p
Sheeks, Meredith 210D M 9–11a, T 10–11a
Slank, Shanna 215C MW 2:30–4p
Stroud, Ripley 206C R 12:30–2p (Zoom), F 10:30a–12noon (Zoom)
Stroud, Sarah 207D F 10a–12noon, T 9–10a (Zoom)
Thieme, Aaron 107A TR 9:10–9:30a & 10:50a–12noon
Vazquez, Michael 207A M 3–4p (Zoom), F 11a–1p (Zoom)
Walker, Rebecca 207B M 9–11a, T 1–2p
Whitaker, Nolan 206B R 1:30–2:30p
Yu, Aurora 107D MF 11a–12:30p
Zhang, Erik 215A T 1–2p and 5–6p, R 1–2p