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Teaching Assistant Professor

Whitehead Hall

Rory Hanlon joined UNC in 2023 as a teaching assistant professor in the Program for Public Discourse and the Department of Philosophy. Before that, he was a Humanities Teaching Fellow at the University of Chicago. And before that, he studied at St. John’s College, Santa Fe (BA, 2014) and the University of Chicago (PhD, 2021). He focuses on Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy—in particular, ancient philosophers’ (especially Aristotle’s) conceptions of mind, soul, and life. He also examines the influences of these conceptions throughout the history of philosophy, and their relevance for contemporary philosophy of mind, cognitive science, and moral psychology. He also has a strong interest in the philosophy of film, film theory, and the presentation of philosophy through film. Finally, he attempts to incorporate these disparate interests in an overarching interest in philosophy as a “way of life”, especially (but not exclusively) as this came about in the Greco-Roman world.