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Assistant Professor
Core Faculty, Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program

203 Caldwell Hall

Daniel Muñoz joined UNC as an assistant professor in July 2021; he also serves as core faculty in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Before UNC, he was a lecturer (assistant professor) at Monash University, and he studied at UT Austin (BA, 2014) and MIT (PhD, 2019).

Daniel’s work mostly counts as “normative ethics,” which means it’s too concrete to be “meta,” but not concrete enough to be useful. He is writing a book called What We Owe to Ourselves, as well as a second book, with Brian Hedden, called Multidimensionality: How Values Combine in Ethics, Economics, and Beyond. He has published papers in other part of philosophy, too — in particular: epistemology, metaphysics, metaethics, and the philosophy of action.

You can read Daniel’s papers in such journals as Mind, Noûs, Philosophy & Phenomenological ResearchJournal of Philosophy, and Politics, Philosophy & Economics. You can also hear him on the occasional podcast talking about ethics, politics, or video games. For links, see his personal website (