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Graduate Student

105C Caldwell Hall

Logan (they/them) is a third-year graduate student with interests in most sub-fields of ethics, social and political philosophy, LGBTQ+ philosophy, and philosophical questions about mindfulness. Logan received their BA in Philosophy summa cum laude from Arizona State University in 2020, along with a certificate in Ethics and the Certified Nonprofit Professional credential. Outside of philosophy, Logan is a certified mindfulness instructor interested in balancing theory, practice, and critical reflection in service of personal and collective well-being. They are also an ordained member of the Plum Village lineage of Buddhism, founded by Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. Prior to pursuing philosophy, Logan was a full-time actor, singer, and dancer, performing in musicals both nationally and internationally, including in the World Tour of Jerome Robbins’ West Side Story. Logan will talk to you for hours about theatre, tea, vegan food, Buddhism, mindfulness, yoga, dance, ethics, queer things, and theme parks if you let them.