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Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies

104 Caldwell Hall
Personal Homepage

Markus Kohl obtained his PhD in philosophy from UC Berkeley in 2012. After spending five years at the University of Tennessee, he joined the UNC philosophy department in 2017.

As the department’s Director of Undergraduate Studies, Markus is happy to answer any questions about the department, course enrollment, majoring or minoring in philosophy, etc. Students are welcome to stop by his office (104 Caldwell) during his regular office hours.

To schedule an appointment for meeting outside of office hours, or for any questions that can be answered via email, please contact Markus at He will usually answer emails within one day of receipt (Monday-Friday). Markus does not read or respond to emails Friday 12pm-Monday morning, or during holidays/breaks (this includes Fall/Spring/Thanksgiving/Christmas Break, MLK Day, Wellness Days, etc.).

His research has focused on the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. He has also written on Aristotle, on Kafka, and on authenticity. Please visit here for detailed information about his publications.

He regularly teaches undergraduate classes on early modern philosophy (220, Descartes through Kant) and Existentialism (224, with a focus on Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Sartre, De Beauvoir and Camus). Recent advanced undergraduate/graduate teaching has included courses on Kant’s theoretical philosophy (423), Kant’s practical philosophy (424), and Nietzsche (426).

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