Geoffrey Sayre-McCord

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Morehead-Cain Alumni Distinguished Professor
Director, UNC Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program
201 Caldwell Hall
(919) 627-1403 (phone)

Geoff Sayre-McCord has published extensively on moral theory, epistemology, and modern philosophy, and has edited Essays on Moral RealismHume: Moral Philosophy. and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (with Jonathan Anomaly, Geoff Brennan, and Michael Munger).  See the On-Line Papers link below for a some of the papers.

Recently, Sayre-McCord’s research has focused on the nature of normative concepts, on evolution and morality, and on Adam Smith’s theory of moral sentiments.  His work in progress are available in draft:

Pre-publication versions of the following recent papers are also are available:

Sayre-McCord is the Director of UNC’s Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program. He was a Professorial Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh from 2013 until 2016 and is now a Regular Distinguished Visiting Professor there. He was on leave for the 2015-16 academic year at the Center for Human Values at Princeton University, where he was the Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Professor for Distinguished Teaching.

A list of publications (with some e-versions)

Some on-line lectures and interviews:

Curriculum Vitae

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