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Instructors: Luc Bovens (PHIL), Douglas MacKay (PLCY), and Brian McManus (ECON). PHIL TA: Ava Geenen. This course meets TR 8:00 – 9:15 a.m. in GS G100.

*This course is scheduled and controlled by The Office of Undergraduate Curricula (OUC)Please direct all registration questions to the OUC’s First-Year Curriculum Specialist, Ben Haven.

This interdisciplinary course provides an overview of core tools used to analyze issues at the intersection of ethics, economics and public policy. It introduces students to the tools of economic analysis, including markets, prices, and market failures; discusses the ethical dimensions of markets and public policy, including socio-economic justice, the nature of well-being, and individual liberty; and describes challenges in political organization and action that confront policy makers motivated by economic or ethical objectives. During the course, students will see how these related fields provide distinct but complementary perspectives on contemporary issues such as climate change, higher education access and costs, fairness in labor markets, and how technology affects our material well-being and freedom.


This is a required First-Year Foundations course in the IDEAs in Action Curriculum.

Corequisite: IDST 111L – Data Literacy Lab