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Instructor: Carla Merino-Rajme. This course meets T 1:00 – 3:30 p.m. in CW 213.

This course will be centered on the nature of perception, the phenomenology of time, and interrelations between these two. We will begin by studying the main views on the nature of perception. We will then consider our temporal experiences, identifying the features that set them apart from other types of experiences and that, allegedly, make them challenging to account for. We will consider how different views attempt to capture such features of our temporal experiences. Finally, we will reflect on how the views discussed on the nature of perception and on our temporal experiences interact with each other. We will examine whether accepting a particular view on the nature of perceptual experience constrains which views of temporal experience become appealing and whether accepting views that capture particular features of our temporal experience constrain which views on the nature of perception become attractive.


Please note: This course counts toward the “metaphysics and epistemology” distribution requirement for PHIL grad students.

Permission of the instructor is required to enroll in this course. PHIL grad students are exempt from this enrollment requirement.