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Virtually all students receive full financial support for five years. (For five of those ten semesters, students have no teaching responsibilities.) We have been able to supply sixth year funding in all cases where a sixth year was necessary.  In addition, our students have been very successful in winning prestigious national fellowships once here, including Mellon/ACLS, Newcombe, and NSF fellowships. For instance, for the 2014-2015 academic year, our graduate students have won support from Mellon/ACLS, Newcombe,  Ford Foundation, and Canada Council Fellowships. In addition, several kinds of UNC-Chapel Hill fellowships and teaching assistantships are available, some from the Graduate School and others from the Department.  This support currently carries annual stipends ranging from $15,700 to $25,000.

Note: those students who wish to be considered for Graduate School fellowships (in addition to Departmental fellowships) should submit their applications by December 12th.  In any case, the Department strongly encourages that all applications be submitted by December 12th, although applications submitted after that date may be considered.

Graduate students who have completed their MA’s often choose to teach a course during one of UNC’s five-week summer semesters, during which a broad menu of regular undergraduate courses is offered to those undergraduates who wish to proceed through college more quickly. The summer stipend for teaching is currently $5,200.

The Department offers travel support for graduate students to participate in professional conferences. This support defrays up to $600 of travel expenses per trip. (The Graduate School also makes available some support for graduate-student travel.) Many of our students make use of this travel funding several times each year. To qualify for travel support, a student must be presenting or commenting on a paper at the conference. (In rare cases, the Department will also grant support for travel to a conference where the student is neither presenting nor commenting on a paper.) There is no limit to the number of times that a graduate student may receive travel support.