Geoffrey Sayre-McCord

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Sayre McCord
Morehead-Cain Alumni Distinguished Professor
Director, UNC Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program
201 Caldwell Hall
(919) 627-1403 (phone)

Geoff Sayre-McCord has published extensively on moral theory, epistemology, and modern philosophy, and has edited Essays on Moral RealismHume: Moral Philosophy. and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (with Jonathan Anomaly, Geoff Brennan, and Michael Munger).  See the On-Line Papers link below for a some of the papers.

Recently, Sayre-McCord’s research has focused on the nature of normative concepts, on evolution and morality, and on Adam Smith’s theory of moral sentiments.  His “On a Theory of a Better Morality,” “A Moral Argument Against Moral Dilemmas,” “Rational Agency and the Nature of Normative Concepts,””Skepticism About Moral Knowledge,” “Desires… and Beliefs… Of One’s Own,” (with Michael Smith), “Hume and Smith on Sympathy, Approbation, and Moral Judgment,” “Sentiments and Spectators: Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Judgment” and “Hume on the Artificial Virtues” are available in draft.

Sayre-McCord is the Director of UNC’s Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program. He was a Professorial Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh from 2013 until 2016 and is now a Regular Distinguished Visiting Professor there. He was on leave for the 2015-16 academic year at the Center for Human Values at Princeton University, where he is the Laurance S. Rockefeller Visiting Professor for Distinguished Teaching.

A list of publications (with some e-versions)

Some on-line lectures and interviews:

Curriculum Vitae

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