Philosophical and Moral Reasoning (PH)

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list of all philosophy courses that meet the Philosophical and/or Moral Reasoning (PH) requirement

PHIL 51:                First-Year Seminar: Who Was Socrates?

PHIL 52:                First-Year Seminar: Reason and Religion at the Dawn of Modern Science

PHIL 53:                First-Year Seminar: Theories in Human Nature

PHIL 54:                First-Year Seminar: Thinking about Time

PHIL 55:                First-Year Seminar: Paradoxes

PHIL 56:                First-Year Seminar: Abortion

PHIL 58:                First-Year Seminar: From Vengeance to Mercy: Dealing with Evil

PHIL 66:                First-Year Seminar: Ethics: Theoretical and Practical

PHIL 67:                First-Year Seminar: Issues in a World Society: Sports and Competition

PHIL 68:                First-Year Seminar: Moral Life

PHIL 75:                First-Year Seminar: Evil

PHIL 76:                First-Year Seminar: Is Free Will an Illusion?

PHIL 77:                First-Year Seminar: Moral Weakness and Conscience

PHIL 78:                First-Year Seminar: Death as a Problem for Philosophy: Metaphysical and Ethical

PHIL 79:                First-Year Seminar: Words That Bind: The Structure of Constitutions

PHIL 85:                First-Year Seminar: Reason, Religion, and Reality in the Copernican Revolution

PHIL 101:              Introduction to Philosophy: Main Problems

PHIL 105:              Critical Thinking

PHIL 110:              Introduction to Philosophy: Great Works

PHIL 112:              Making Sense of Ourselves

PHIL 134:              Philosophy of Western Religion (cross-listed RELI 126)

PHIL 145:              Language and Communication (cross-listed LING 145)

PHIL 150:              Philosophy of Science

PHIL 160:              Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 163:              Practical Ethics

PHIL 164:              Morality and Business

PHIL 165:              Bioethics

PHIL 170:              Social Ethics and Political Thought

PHIL 180:              Philosophy of Comedy

PHIL 185:              Introduction to Aesthetics

PHIL 210:              Ancient Greek Philosophy

PHIL 213:              Asian Philosophy

PHIL 215:              Medieval Philosophy

PHIL 220:              Modern Philosophy: Descartes to Hume

PHIL 224:              Existential Philosophy

PHIL 230:              Experience and Reality

PHIL 261:              Ethics in Practice

PHIL 266:              Ethics of Sports

PHIL 272:              The Ethics of Peace, War, and Defense (cross-listed POLI and PWAD 272)

PHIL 273:              Philosophical Perspectives on Justice

PHIL 274:              African American Political Philosophy

PHIL 275:              Moral and Philosophical Issues of Gender in Society (cross-listed WMST 275)

PHIL 280:              Morality and Law

PHIL 282:              Human Rights: Philosophical Interrogations

PHIL 330:              Metaphysics

PHIL 335:              Theory of Knowledge

PHIL 340:              Philosophy of Mind

PHIL 351:              Philosophy of Physics

PHYS 354:              Quantum Mechanics, Weirdness, and Reality (cross-listed PHIL 354)

PHIL 360:              History of Ethics

PHIL 362:              Contemporary Ethical Theory

PHIL 364:              Ethics and Economics (cross-listed PLCY 364)

PHIL 368:              Environmental Ethics (cross-listed ENEC 368)

PHIL 370:              Political Philosophy

PHIL 381:              Philosophy and Film

PHIL 384:              Introduction to Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (cross-listed POLI and ECON 384)

PHIL 450:              Philosophy of Natural Sciences

PHIL 460:              History of Moral Philosophy

PHIL 462:              Contemporary Moral Philosophy

PHIL 470:              Political Philosophy from Hobbes to Rousseau

PHIL 474:              Foundations of Modern Political Philosophy

PHIL 476:              Recent Developments in Political Philosophy

PHIL 480:              Philosophy of Law