William G. Lycan

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William Lycan is the author of over 170 articles as well as seven books: Logical Form in Natural Language (1984), Knowing Who (with Steven Boër, 1986), Consciousness (1987), Judgement and Justification (1988),Modality and Meaning (1994), Consciousness and Experience (1996) and,Real Conditionals (2001).He has edited an anthology, Mind and Cognition(1990, 1999, 2008 with Jesse J Prinz). Some other publications include: “Form, Function, and Feel,” Journal of Philosophy (1981); “Psychological Laws,” Philosophical Topics (1981); “Epistemic Value,” Synthese (1985); “Tacit Belief,” in Belief, ed. by Bogdan (1986); “What is the ‘Subjectivity’ of the Mental?” Philosophical Perspectives (1990); “Two — No, Three — Concepts of Possible Worlds,” Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society(1991); “Consciousness as Internal Monitoring,” Philosophical Perspectives (1995); “Layered Perceptual Representation,” in Perception, ed. by Villanueva (1996); “The Case for Phenomenal Externalism,”Philosophical Perspectives (2001); “Free Will and the Burden of Proof,” inMinds and Persons, ed. by O’Hear (2003); “On the Gettier Problem Problem,” in Epistemology Futures, ed. by Hetherington (2006); “The Meaning of ‘Water’: An Unsolved Problem,”Philosophical Issues (2007); “Phenomenal Intentionalitiies,” American Philosophical Quarterly (2008); “Desire Considered as a Propositional Attitude,” Philosophical Perspectives 26 (2012); “An Irenic Idea about Metaphor,” Philosophy 88 (2013).

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