Si-Hua Chang

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Graduate Student

206C Caldwell Hall

I am a second-year graduate student from Sri Lanka. My main interests are in social and political philosophy, ethics, and philosophy of race and gender. I’m especially interested in questions broadly concerning power and violence, oppression and identity, colonialism, and democracy. My secondary interests are in philosophy of science, and concern statistical inference, measurement, and models within the social sciences, and in the way empirical evidence is used to make normative claims and recommendations concerning public policy. I’m also interested in values in technology, especially concerning human-centred architectural design, and the study of urban areas.

I’m passionate about efforts to increase diversity in philosophy, both in terms of working towards more equitable demographic representation within the discipline, and also with respect to philosophically engaging with texts and issues beyond those typically studied in the western canon, especially non-european approaches to racial and gender justice, colonialism, and the development of the global south.

Beyond academic philosophy, I’m interested in many things related to food, and I think there is a lot to be learned about the world by learning about historical, political, socio-economic, cultural, and other aspects of various foods. I also enjoy discussing (and experiencing) restaurants, cooking, baking, and vegan food.