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Teaching Assistant Professor
Core Faculty, Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program

214A Caldwell Hall
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Kirun Sankaran joined the Philosophy Department and the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program on July 1, 2020. He received his PhD in Philosophy from Brown University in 2020. Before that he received an MA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a BA from The Ohio State University. He’s primarily interested in the relationships between causal and normative properties of institutions. He’s also interested in the history of political philosophy–primarily the Scottish Enlightenment–and issues in the philosophy of social science.

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“What’s New in the New Ideology Critique?” Philosophical Studies 177(5), 1441-1462 (2020) doi:10.1007/s11098-019-01261-9

Work in Progress

“Justice and the Tyranny of Scales”

“Adam Smith and Scale-Dependent Moral Judgment”

“Smith on Blame and Resentment in Structural Contexts”

“Structural Injustice, Politics, and Workplace Democracy”*

“In Defense of the Displacement of Politics”

“Against Trolleyology”*

“An Asymptotic Theory of Group Agency”