Gillian Russell

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Director of Graduate Admissions
203 Caldwell Hall


Gillian Russell works in the philosophy of language and logic as well as epistemology.

She is the author of Truth in Virtue of Meaning:  A Defence of the Analytic/Synthetic Distinction (2008) as well as the co-editor of The Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Language (2011) and New Waves in Philosophical Logic (2011).   Some of her publications include  “One True Logic?” in the Journal of Philosophical Logic (2008),  “Knowledge by Indifference” (with John Doris) in the Australasian Journal of Philosophy (2008), “In Defence of Hume’s Law” and  “Barriers to Implication” (with Greg Restall) in Hume, `Is’ and `Ought’: New Essays ed. by Charles Pigden (2010),  “Indexicals, Context-Sensitivity and the Failure of Implication” in Synthese (2011),  “Lessons from the Logic of Demonstratives” in New Waves in Philosophical Logic ed. by Greg Restall and Russell (2011), “Logical Pluralism” in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2013),  “Quine on Analyticity” in A Companion to W. V. O. Quine ed. by G. Harman and E. Lepore (2014) and “Metaphysical Analyticity and the Epistemology of Logic” in Philosophical Studies (2014).

Curriculum Vitae

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