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Delta Kappa Epsilon Distinguished Professor

I work primarily in ancient Greek philosophy, especially Plato and Aristotle. My books include: Philosopher-Kings (Princeton 1988; reissued 2006; Chinese edition, 2021); Socrates in the Apology (Hackett 1989; Chinese edition, 2019); Practices of Reason (Oxford, 1992), named an Outstanding Academic Book for 1992 by Choice; Substantial Knowledge: Aristotle’s Metaphysics (Hackett 2000); Love’s Confusions (Harvard 2005; Russian edition, 2021); Action, Contemplation, and Happiness: An Essay on Aristotle (Harvard 2012; Portuguese edition, 2014; Chinese edition forthcoming), named an Outstanding Academic Title for 2012 by Choice; Blindness and Re-Orientation: Problems in Plato’s Republic (Oxford, 2012); Aristotle on Practical Wisdom: Nicomachean Ethics Book VI (Harvard, 2013).

I have translated Plato’s Cratylus (1997), Euthyphro, Apology, Crito (2002), Republic (2004), Meno (2006), and Laws (2022), as well as (with extensive introductions and notes), Aristotle’s Politics (1998; revised edition, 2017), Nicomachean Ethics (2014; 2nd. ed, 2023), Metaphysics (2016), De Anima (2017), Physics (2018), Rhetoric (2018), Generation of Animals with History of Animals I and Parts of Animals I (2019), De Caelo (2020), Eudemian Ethics (2021), Aristotle’s Theology: The Primary Texts (2022), Aristotle’s Chemistry: Coming to Be and Passing Away, Meteorology 1.1–3, 4.1–12 (2023). Aristotle’s Dialectic: Topics, Sophistical Refutations, and Related Texts is scheduled for publication in late 2024.

I am General Editor of the New Hackett Aristotle Series, and, with Pavlos Kontos, of the projected Aristotle Complete Works, scheduled for completion in 2024, and with István Bodnár and Pavel Gregoric, of Aristotle: Associated Works.

My recent articles include: “Hylomorphic Explanation and the Scientific Status of the De Anima,” in Caleb Cohoe (ed.), Aristotle’s De Anima: A Critical Guide (Cambridge, 2022), pp. 14–31; “Aristotle on Hupolêpis, Doxa, and Epistêmê,” Dialogoi (2021), pp. 172–199; “Aristotle on Women: Diminished Deliberation and Divine Male Rule,” Revue Roumaine de Philosophie (2020); “Human Happiness As a Political Achievement in Aristotle,” Kronos Philosophical Journal (2019), pp. 61–84; “The Killing Feet: Evidence and Evidence-Sensitivity in Oedipus Tyrannus,” in Paul Woodruff (ed.), Oedipus in Sophocles (Oxford 2018), “Good and Bad in Aristotle,” in Pavlos Kontos (ed.), Evil in Aristotle (Cambridge, 2018); and “Agalmata, Deontology, and the Erotics of Emptiness in the Symposium,” (Consecutio Rerum, 2017). With I. B. Fishbeyn, I have translated Marina Tsvetaeva, Natalia Goncharova (forthcoming in 2023 in the Odd Volumes Series of the  Fortnightly Review), The History of Sonechka (accepted by Columbia University Press but, because of the war in Ukraine, to be published by another press), as well as her story “Khlystovki,” Fortnightly Review (available here

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