Asya Passinsky

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Teaching Assistant Professor
Core Faculty, Philosophy, Politics and Economics Program

Asya Passinsky joined the Philosophy Department and the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program on July 1, 2020. Previously, she taught at Dartmouth College and New York University. She received her PhD in Philosophy from New York University (2016), her BPhil in Philosophy from the University of Oxford (2010), and her BA in Political Economy and Slavic Languages and Literature from the University of California, Berkeley (2007). Her research spans metaphysics, social and political philosophy, feminist philosophy, and the philosophy of social science. She has written on topics including the metaphysics of social objects, feminist metaphysics, grounding and essence in the social realm, social construction, and the nature of money and cryptocurrencies.

Personal website:


“Social Objects, Response-Dependence, and Realism,” Journal of the American Philosophical Association (forthcoming )

“Social Entities,” Routledge Handbook of Metaphysical Grounding, ed. Michael Raven, Routledge (forthcoming )

“Finean Feminist Metaphysics,” Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy, doi: 10.1080/0020174X.2019.1669984 (2019)

“Daniel Z. Korman, Objects: Nothing Out of the Ordinary,” Philosophical Review 128, 241–245 (2019 )

In Progress

“Norm and Object: A Normative Hylomorphic Theory of Social Objects” (under review) “Is Bitcoin Money?” (in preparation for the Journal of Social Ontology)
“Social Essences”
“Is Social Construction Grounding?”
Social Objects (book manuscript)