Amy Glaser

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Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor

206A Caldwell Hall
Personal Homepage

Amy received a BA in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin in Madison (2003) and an MA in philosophy from UNC-Chapel Hill (2006). Amy completed her PhD in May 2018, with a focus on the oppression and liberation of young people. Amy’s dissertation is a defense of young people’s moral equality as a constitutive feature of an anti-oppressive moral framework. This framework centers youth and children as active agents and participants in their lives and in our social worlds, and is critical of young people’s systemic marginalization within our society. The liberation of young people would transform what young people are like, how they are perceived by adults, and how they see and understand themselves.

Amy also writes and performs original music for children ( and is Co-Founder and Director of iNSIDEoUT180, a youth-run organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, queer, questioning, and all other youth (

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