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Can’t find the resources you are looking for? Need more books within a particular category? Leave us a comment using the Outreach Feedback Form and we will upload more resources to fit your needs as soon as possible.

1. The home page for the excellent journal, Questions: Philosophy for Young People. Two issues are available online.

2. The Open Directory Project page for philosophy for children. Links to many other sites.

3. Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children (IAPC).  A center at Monclair State University with a host of resources, including subscription information for its journal, Thinking: The Journal of Philosophy for Children.

4. The Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization (PLATO). A site that includes a wealth of resources for individuals and organizations interested in pre-college philosophy.

5. The Squire Family Foundation. An organization dedicated to introducing philosophy to pre-college students and supporting initiatives that do so.

6. Teaching Children Philosophy. A site dedicated to helping adults conduct philosophical discussion with and among elementary school children.

7. Philosophy for Kids. A site that demonstrates how to use short stories to discus philosophy with children.

8. P4c.Com. A site that provides many resources for teaching pre-college philosophy including sample lessons, tips to incorporate philosophy into your curriculum, and ways check students’ progression. Some resources on this site are free while others require a subscription fee.

9. Online Philosophy Club: Forums. A free discussion forum with thousands of topics. Useful as an additional resource for people interested in philosophy to actively discuss philosophy outside the classroom.

10. Northwest Center for Philosophy for Children. There are many resources under the tab Lesson Plans & Activities including some philosophy-based games. There is also information about philosophy workshops under the Resources tab.

11. Public Philosophy Network. This site is a forum for people that are passionate about philosophy. It is divided into groups based on areas of interest to help connect users with other philosophers.

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