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Partner with us

We very much welcome ideas for how to expand and improve our outreach initiatives. We also welcome the opportunity to engage with community partners remotely, and we are committed to finding ways to continue our efforts within the constraints of the pandemic. If you have any suggestions or questions, or if you are a school administrator, teacher, program coordinator, or program administrator with an interest in philosophy, please contact our Outreach Coordinator Michael Vazquez.

Why Outreach?

The aim of our Outreach Program is to use the Philosophy Department’s and the Parr Center’s intellectual resources (i) to help people in the community think carefully and clearly about a broad range of ideas, commitments, and practices that shape their lives, (ii) to expand the scope and breadth of philosophical inquiry by bringing new voices into the fold, and (iii) to promote the university’s mission to produce and disseminate knowledge for the public good.

We are motivated by the conviction that philosophical activity contributes to a flourishing and autonomous life by helping us to develop a sense of ourselves and the world around us through reflection on our beliefs and values. We also believe that the skills and dispositions cultivated by philosophical inquiry are integral to a flourishing civic sphere. In addition to the intrinsic value of knowledge for its own sake, social science research highlights the instrumental benefits of exposing children to philosophy.

We are fortunate to work with numerous community partners in the Triangle Area, ranging from schools to senior centers to correctional facilities. Our volunteers include UNC undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty from Philosophy, the Parr Center, and beyond.