Interested in Inequality, Justice, and the Environment?

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UNC’s new Environment, Ecology, and Energy Program is seeking to fill five tenure track or tenured positions, open level, one of which is for someone who works specifically on Inequality and the Environment and has an “expertise in social and environmental issues related to inequality, vulnerability, and the growing need to address gaps in knowledge and uneven access to resources or services.”

The tenure home for the selected candidate, which could well be UNC’s Philosophy Department, depends on that person’s qualifications and research interests. Were the candidate interested, there would also be wonderful opportunities for collaborations with the Parr Center for Ethics and the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Program.

Applicants should be sure to convey their interest in, and qualifications for, participating actively in an interdisciplinary Program while conveying the value of having a philosopher in the mix. Candidates from a variety of disciplines will be applying for this position so it is important that the selection committee is put in a position to appreciation how valuable the training, tools, and concerns of a philosopher are to thinking through and addressing environmental problems.  The hiring committee will be made up of faculty from a range of disciplines; a successful application will need to speak effectively to them as they think about the mission of the new program for which this position was authorized.

Details are available here:

PLEASE NOTE: Review of applications will begin October 1, 2018.