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Please note that this is a draft of our intended Spring 2024 graduate course offerings. It is for reference only. Scheduling details will be posted this fall, likely in October.

We make every effort to keep this page up-to-date, mirroring the information in ConnectCarolina. If you notice discrepancies, please kindly email our Student Services Coordinator at!

(Last updated March 22, 2023)

PHIL 412.001 – Plato
Instructor: C.D.C. Reeve.

PHIL 422.001 – Empiricism
Instructor: Alan Nelson.

PHIL 455.001 – Symbolic Logic
Instructor: Jim Pryor.

PHIL 462.001 – Contemporary Moral Philosophy (Note: The course number may change, but content will be the same.)
Instructor: Geoffrey Sayre-McCord.

PHIL 745/LING 712.001 – Advanced Studies in Philosophy of Language
Instructor: Alex Worsnip.

PHIL 750.001 – Advanced Studies in Philosophy of Science (Note: The course number may change to 850, but content will be the same.)
Instructor: Marc Lange.

PHIL 765.001 & 002 – Advanced Studies in Value Theory
Instructors: Sarah Stroud and Susan Wolf.

PHIL 994.046 & 051 – Dissertation Research Seminar
Instructors: Matthew Kotzen and Markus Kohl.