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Chapel Hill Metaethics Workshop

This is a small read-ahead research workshop to discuss works in progress. We will be discussing papers by Robert Johnson, Kathryn Lindeman, Zoë Johnson King, Sarah McGrath, and Peter Railton. Other out-of-town participants include Caroline Arruda, Alisabeth Ayars, Selim Berker, … Read more

6th Annual Chapel Hill Normativity Workshop

The sixth annual Chapel Hill Normativity Workshop will be held in Chapel Hill on March 8-10, 2024. The workshop aims to provide a forum for stimulating and constructive exchange among philosophers currently working on issues concerning normativity, broadly construed to … Read more

Chapel Hill PPE Workshop

Caldwell 213

An intensive one-day workshop for faculty and graduate students on papers in progress by our PPE Research Assistant Professors. Agenda and sign-up form will be available later in the Spring.!