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Speaker Series: Michael Pelczar (University of Singapore)

213 Caldwell Hall

"Phenomenalism Redux" Abstract: Everyone knows about the mind-body problem. Less well-known is the fact that philosophers originally took it to be a problem about the nature of body, rather than a problem about the nature of mind. This paper returns … Read more

End of the Year Party

Join us for an evening of food & drink to celebrate the close of another year with UNC Philosophy! All are welcome! For directions, please email Katie at

Publishing Workshop

This is a workshop for graduate students on publishing articles in philosophy.  It will start with a session offering general advice that applies for most areas and most journals, followed by a series of relatively short presentations by people with … Read more

Publishing Workshop

213 Caldwell Hall

This is a workshop for philosophy graduate students interested in advice and help with preparing papers for publication.

UNC-KCL Workshop on Reasons

The 2017 UNC-KCL Workshop is being held at UNC Chapel Hill from June 3rd-4th. This year's topic is "reasons" (broadly construed). Invited presenters include Clayton Littlejohn (KCL), Julien Dutant (KCL), Ram Neta (UNC) and Alex Worsnip (UNC). The worskhop will … Read more

Chapel Hill Colloquium in Philosophy

The 51st annual Chapel Hill Colloquium in Philosophy will be held from Friday, November 3, 2017 (6:00 pm) through Sunday, November 5, 2017 (noon). All papers will be held in Howell 115. REGISTRATION Registration is mandatory for all Colloquium attendees. … Read more