Boxill wins Benjamin Lippincott Award

Professor Emeritus Bernard Boxill has won the 2017 Benjamin E. Lippincott Award from the American Political Science Association for “a work of exceptional quality by a living political theorist that is still considered significant at least 15 years since the original state of publication.” The award citation calls Blacks and Social Justice (1984) “an exceptional work of deep and careful reflection…an indispensable source on the major racial issues of our time and an enduring model for how to combine rigorous theoretical argument with clear-eyed analysis of real-world controversies.”

Please see here to read the full article. Congratulations, Bernie!

Program for 51st Chapel Hill Colloquium Announced

November 3 – 5, 2017

Claire Miller Lecture:  Linda Zagzebski (Oklahoma)

Russell Jones (Harvard): “The Real Challenge of Plato’s Republic

                Commentator: Rachana Kamtekar (Arizona)

Kenny Easwaran (Texas A&M): “The City as a Collective Agent”

                Commentator: Ryan Muldoon (Buffalo)

Niko Kolodny (U. Cal. Berkeley): “Political Corruption”

                Commentator: Sophia Moreau (Toronto)

Elisabeth Camp (Rutgers): “Manipulative Meaning: Insinuations, Slurs, and Metaphorical Insults”

                Commentator: Richard Heck (Brown)