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L. A. Paul
212 Caldwell Hall

L.A. Paul specializes in metaphysics and philosophy of mind, focusing on questions concerning phenomenology, perception, time, temporal experience, mereology, causation, identity, constitution and essence. She also has interests in philosophical questions involving decision-making, methodology, cognitive science, aesthetics, and the philosophy of science. Her publications include: "Aspect Causation," Journal of Philosophy (2000), "Logical Parts," Noûs (2002), "The Context of Essence," Australasian Journal of Philosophy (2004), "Coincidence as Overlap," Noûs (2006), "In Defense of Essentialism," Philosophical Perpectives (2006), "Temporal Experience," Journal of Philosophy (2010), "Building the World from its Fundamental Constituents" Philosophical Studies (2012) and "What you can't expect when you're expecting" Res Philosophica (forthcoming). She is a co-editor of Causation and Counterfactuals (2004), with John Collins and Ned Hall, and is co-author of Causation: A User's Guide with Ned Hall. She is currently working on a book on transformative experience.

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