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Dorit Bar-On
Zachary Smith Distinguished Professor; Director, Expressive Communication and Origins of Meaning Research Group ;
Philosophy Department
CB# 3125 Caldwell Hall UNC-Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
work919.962.3321 (phone)

Dorit Bar-On specializes in philosophy of language & mind, epistemology, and metaethics.  In her book Speaking My Mind: Expression and Self-Knowledge (Oxford Nov 2004), she develops a 'neo-expressivist' view of so-called first-person authority, drawing on insights from philosophy of language, mind, theory of action, and epistemology.  She has published articles on Quine, Davidson, Dummett, Grice, meaning and interpretation, conceptual relativism, deflationism, skepticism, self-knowledge, introspection, and ethical expressivism.  More recently, she has been working on the topic of continuities between linguistic and non-linguistic communication and expressive behavior.  In 2009, she received a 3-year NSF grant (extended till 2013) for collaborative research with Mitchell Green, for the project: Communication, Expression, and the Origins of Meaning.

For up-to-date CV, current projects, publications, etc., please visit my personal webpage.  For a current long-term research/teaching/mentoring project, visit  

Forthcoming and Current Projects
  • A book manuscript, Expression, Action, and Meaning (tentative title)

  • A book manuscript, If Truth Be Told (with Keith Simmons)

  • With Crispin Wright, a volume on Expression and Self-Knowledge for the Wiley series Great Debates in Philosophy
  •  “Gricean Intentions, Expressive Communication, and Origins of Meaning”

  • "Origins: Subjective, Intersubjective, Objective" (with Matthew Priselac)
  • "Self-Knowledge of Belief", with Kate Nolfi, Oxford Online Handbook
  • "Emotions and Their Expressions", with Jim Sias.


  • Speaking My Mind: Expression and Self-Knowledge, Clarendon Press, Oxford, November 2004 (464pp.)

     Reviews and Critical Studies of Speaking My Mind: Expression and Self-Knowledge

    Papers on Expression, Communication and Meaning

    • "Expression: Acts, Products, and Meaning", forthcoming in Minimalism, Pragmatism, Expressivism Gross et al. (eds.), Oxford UP
    • "Expressive Communication and Continuity Skepticism" Journal of Philosophy, June 2013
    • "Origins of Meaning: Must We 'Go Gricean'?", Mind&Language, June 2013
    • "Expressing as Showing 'What's Within'", Philosophical Books, October 2010
    • “Lionspeak: Communication, Expression, and Meaning”(with Mitchell Green) in Self, Language, and World: Problems from Kant, Sellars, and Rosenberg: in Memory of Jay F. Rosenberg, J., J. O'Seah & E. Rubenstein, eds., Ridgeview  2010
    • "Triangulation and the Beasts" (with Matthew Priselac) in (C. Amoretti and G. Preyer, eds.), Triangulation: from an Epistemological Point of View, Ontos Verlag, 2011
    • "'Meaning' Reconstructed: Grice and the Naturalization of Semantics" in Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 1995

    Papers on Expressivism and Self-knowledge

    Papers on Meaning and Linguistic Knowledge

    Papers on Conceptual Relativism

    Papers on Deflationism

    Papers on Quine and the Indeterminacy of Translation

    Reviews and Other Philosophical Publications

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