Spring 2018

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Course Descriptions

PHIL 411.001 – Aristotle

Instructor: C.D.C. Reeve.

PHIL 432.001 – The Beginnings of Analytic Philosophy

Instructor: Alan Nelson.

PHIL 440.001 – Philosophy of Mind

Instructor: Thomas Hofweber.

PHIL 462.001 – Contemporary Moral Philosophy

Instructors: Mariska Leunissen and Rebecca Walker.

PHIL/CMPL 482.001 – Philosophy and Literature

Instructor: James Lesher.

PHIL 700.001 – Proto-Seminar in Philosophy

Instructors: Susan Wolf and Alex Worsnip.

PHIL 735.001 – Advanced Studies in Epistemology

Instructor: Ram Neta.

PHIL 750.001 – Advanced Studies in Philosophy of Science

Instructor: John T. Roberts.

PHIL 860.001 – Research Seminar in Moral Theory

Instructors: Simon Blackburn and Geoffrey Sayre-McCord.

PHIL 990.001 – Current Research Group Seminar

Instructor: Susan Wolf.

PHIL 994 – Dissertation Research Seminar

Instructors: Marc Lange and Gerald J. Postema.